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This site was designed to give the researchers new capabilities not available in the past. These new capabilities include, but are not limited to: Family Groups, GEDCOMs, Reunions, Church Groups, DNA, Site Newsletters and Contact Us. This website was established in October 2012 and to date has had visitors from 107 different countries from around the world.
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  • Genealogy of the Family of
    James Elmichaelfonse Weeks
    Born: October 22, 1768, in Virginia
    Married: Isabella Sharp
    Born: February 12, 1779


    David Weeks, born June 56, 1795, died June 24, 1856. Buried near Ackerman, Miss.
    Married Elizabeth Fulcher, born January 22, 1805, died February 23, 1892.

    Hiram Weeks –

    Emma Weeks –

    Solomon…[Read more]

  • Genealogy of the Family of
    William Thomas Weeks
    Born: 1803
    Married: Margaret Fulcher
    Born: 22 Jun 1805


    John S. Weeks, born July 30, 1826, died July 15, 1847. On 5 January 1847, John went to fight in the Mexican War. (QUESTION: Did James die fighting in the Mexican War?)
    Married Elizabeth Fulcher, born January 22, 1805, died February…[Read more]

  • The Weeks Family And It’s Name

    The name of Weeks is said to have been of ancient Saxon origin and derived from the word Wyke, meaning “a village.” It was undoubtedly taken by its first bearers because of their residence in a place of that name and is found on ancient records in the various forms of Wyke, Wike, Wykes, Wycks, Wyckes, Wikes, Wicks,…[Read more]

  • Hiram Sharp Weeks
    Hiram Sharp Weeks, of Gum Branch, Winston County, Mississippi, was the son of William Thomas Weeks and wife, Margaret Fulcher. He was the grandson of Michael Weeks and his wife, Isabella Sharp, pioneer settlers of Winston County. Hiram was born January 11, 1828, in McMinn County, Tennessee, and moved with his family…[Read more]

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